RayTalk for Public Security

Police chooses the Wireless

Important Case History of 2006 that has seen RayTalk starting, within the project of the new Operational Central of the Police of the Republic of San Marino, the realization of an innovative project to provide the men and the motor vehicles of the Police with technologies of telecommunications able to communicate voice, data and real-time video in order to operate in urban or extraurbane zones, using the same technological instruments available at the Operational Central.

Police of the Republic of San Marino

RayTalk Industries has developed and introduced on the market a new generation of wireless equipments to build territorial mesh networks that use the innovative M.H.A.N. ® (Multi Hop Access Network) protocol developed by RayTalk.

MHAN-X3 installed on Police car To allow extravehicular actions of the agents in a range of action of hundreds of meters in free area around the vehicle that acts like repeating of signal, RayTalk has developed a completely portable or wearable modular integrated system composed by a wireless transmitter, a micro high sensibility camera, that can be grasped or hidden in the regulation clothes, and a micro digital audio/video VCR..

Wearable Wireless Videocamera System The agent moves and operates normally while the wearable wireless system transmits the video coming from the camera. On board of the patrol, using a Wi-Fi Notebook, the images are visualized and the action is video-recorded in real time, producing a precious documentation in case of particular intervention.

The project is already in an executive phase and RayTalk is picking up important data to understand the potentialities and the limits of employment on the field, in real situations, often to the limit. The second step foresees the wireless coverage of the territory of the Republic of San Marino with a M.H.A.N. mesh network of 62 Kmq, to allow the real time control of the pedestrian action of the agents by the Operative Central.

The General Command of the Police of the Republic of San Marino has invested a lot in the technology to equip itself for first in Europe of advanced instruments for the control of the territory and the management of the public safety. The RayTalk for Public Security project represents the most evolved application of Wireless Videosurveillance and Mobility ever realized in Europe and leads the primacy of the Italian technology once more toward goals of historical importance.

To defence such application, RayTalk has deposited an important patent for industrial invention.

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RayTalk for Public Security


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